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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Little Stevie Orbit

It's great to see an old favorite in an intimate setting. When I saw Steve Forbert 20 years ago at The Stanhope House in Jersey (Holla!), there were no song requests, no witty exchanges, no "sing-a-longs". He was great back then and he was great last night. Different people, different times! Willing to sign autographs afterwards, Janet and I passed. I got it from him way back when and I guess I was a little afraid he might remember me. I don't think I made a good impression! Instead, we opted for a late night breakfast at the local Denny's. Then it was time for bed for these old-timers!


Steve Forbert!!! Oh, Man, I was so entranced by him because he looked just like my Bryan! I would love to see him now, maybe he looks like B would've at this age, had he stuck around...I often ask God/the universe to show me someone who looks like he would.

Glad you're still rockin' 'n rollin', Helen baby!



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