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Monday, March 28, 2005

No, not in this one either!

A few of my city friends (holla!) asked me if I was in the last picture I posted from this website and I'm sorry to say "no". The answer is the same for this one but if they are ever doing a project in my area, you know I'll be there with rings on my fingers and bells on my shoes! Care to join me? I'll drive!


That's probably the gayest thing ever.
NO WAR - odd, that's the sentiment that we had prior to the planes smashing into the twin towers; or maybe like Ward Churchill you think we had that coming.

NO WAR - what are you going to say when they come into OUR country, march down YOUR street, drag YOU out of YOUR house and cut off YOUR head? Still going to say NO WAR?

Bottom line, we can fight them over there, or we'll end up fighting them over here. Given the choice, I'd rather fight them over there. If you don't fight them, they will still attack us. Get a clue, buy a vowel and smell the coffee.
LOL!! Gotta love it! Posting a NO WAR pic on your blog is like hanging flypaper for rednecks!
No, I'll drive....I've got a big ass redneck truck to haul more pacifists...broke as I am I'll even buy the gas...Jeff, my new hippiehead yafroman will lead the way....War,2,3,4...what is it good for? Absolutely nuthin', say it again......anti-rubberneck-warmonger anti-GMO coop hippie chick

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