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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Do ya' get it now?

One of the nice things about moving to a new area is meeting new people.
Most folks don't have to get to know me too well before they discover I am a Deadhead. Why does it always seem to surprise them when they eventually find out (and they all do!) that I am also a huge Bruce fan? Are the two mutually exclusive? So, I have come up with a perfectly simple, logical "explanation" in just two words........JERSEY GIRL!
And another thing - would you just LOOK at him!


Hey, I take by your ticker that you like Government Mule!

I saw them play the other night in London, excellent stuff!!!
He's nice to look at huh

Perhaps it is becasue i am not from Jearsy and therefor Bruce has no "home town" appeal for me but I just don't get anything from him.

But I love the Dead in fact i really dig all those jam bands
Hey mrv, that's funny, I feel the same way about U2.

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