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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

"Once Were Warriors"

This blog is in no way intended to bash people who drink or even do drugs, for that matter.
With that being said,if you are one who's life has become unmanageable because of your drinking, thinking about "cutting back", or just plain looking for a great rental, please look for "Once Were Warriors". A 1995 release from New Zealand, this flick won 15 awards internationally and when you see it, you'll understand why. Extremely powerful but I must warn you it is very brutal. Do a google search and check it out or click the title link above. This is still one of my all-time favorites.


I will definitely rent this movie. Thanks!
Hi Helen, thanks for visiting my blog!

I saw Once Were Warriors some time ago and I thought it was the greatest.

BTW yep, I am clean of the hepatitis :)
Being a New Zealander, I can tell you that this movie show what it was like a few years ago. Watching the movie, you may feel that this is just a story, but I can assure you that this was what it was like... and is like (to a certain extent)

In saying this, though, New Zealand is a great place to live and despite the movie, this isn't typical of New Zealand Life.

All in all, Life has its ups and downs, where ever you live
I agree with you: this is a very powerful and moving film. I like your blog.
Yup. It is a great film.

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