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Monday, May 02, 2005

And he did it with THREE!

I guess most people don't know it, but any Deadhead will tell you how Jerry Garcia lost his finger. He learned his instrument with what he had left and as I listened to him last night, I was once again left in awe. Through music, no one has ever taken me where he has. My mind goes in so many directions, to so many interesting places, sometimes reeling to keep up with him as he speaks through those strings. But every now and then, it is just too much for me to absorb and I am left speechless. Such a high I could never get from any drug ever taken. Jerry, thank you for a real good time! You are still rockin' my world!


What a unique Blog!!Its amazing what you can do when you have lost a part of a finger.Maybe it makes them more determined. Jerry is still rockin' the world!!
I think I have ADHD. One oddball little comment and I'm going "Yeah, how DID he lose his finger anyway?" and off I go to Google.

I was oddly disappointed. Not that I knew what to expect.
Missin' Jerry too.
A great musician. One of my close friends in college introduced me to his music. And so I became a non-druggie Dead Head for certain songs, to the surprise of other friends. (surprise in regard to music choice, but I've always been eclectic.)

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