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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Clearance! 2 for $5.00!

All ready for work this morning. On my way out the door. Put on the watch. Wrong Time. Dead Battery. No problem. Plenty more watches. Where are they? Got 'em. Dead battery. Dead Battery. Dead Battery. Dead Battery. Dead Battery. Dead Battery. I remember I have one in my gym bag but haven't used that in.........well, a long time. Can't believe that battery still works!


heh heh... you're a clock watcher! Or a watch watcher, or a watch clocker or something.
I haven't worn my watch since my battery died before Christmas. I don't really care what time it is, and I haven't been late for the important stuff. I might get a battery before I go camping this summer only because it's one of those indglo watches and I like to see what time I get up in the middle of the night to go potty. Does anybody REALLY know what time it is? Does anybody REALLY care? Later Sis
p.s. Have fun at knitting class tonight!
Yep, my jewlery box is literally filled with tons of watches that don't have working batteries.
helen, I surfed on from Blog Soldiers! LOL :)
Hey sis, do you know what time it is yet?

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