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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Hey, it's Yo Mama!

You may have gotten Mom some flowers or candy.
Maybe you'll take her out to brunch or dinner. I am the card and phone call type child. But this year, I went above and beyond by including a "buy one - get one free breakfast sandwich coupon" lovingly tucked inside the card. I know my Mom will love it because she will appreciate the fact that I just plain thought of her. She know's I love her like crazy and if she actually uses the coupon, hey, that's a bonus!


That's a great pressy...could go for that myself today. :o)
Any thought is one worth cherishing - and good for both you and your mom for recognizing that.

happy mommy day!
I'm a mum of three and mums are happy with just knowing they're appreciated.

I think a card and a phone call is all any of us need really.

When you're blessed with wonderful children, every day is mother's day.


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