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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Martha Stewart ain't got NOTHIN' on me

Looky here! I took a two hour beginner class in knitting and ta-da! I got me a, well, can you guess? Go on, give it a try. Just guess. Give up? Me too! But it's all about practice, practice, practice. And please notice how messy it is in the beginning and how SMOOVE it's lookin' now.


Good job! Is it a washcloth?
Cool! Half a potholder!
It's a miniskirt for a rabbit !!!
Hi..Nice work there..I cant knit for nuts. My mum forced to me learn- she's good.She gave up on me when she saw my end product and the look on my face when i knitted.
That's definitely a pillow for a chihuahua. Those things sell for $200 a pop in boutique pet stores. I think you've got a second career! ;)
Um...a pot holder of some kind?
lmao at loy HALF A POTHOLDER ROFL! MEN!!!!! LOL Helen ty so much for stopping by! I got the part will post pics when I have custome lol
It's the beginning of a scarf?
Your blog just crack me up.

Alicia's Writing Forum
knitting rocks! and there are tons of knitting blogs out there. Welcome.

Knitting is life and the rest is just details, details, details...
that looks very good.. i would like to learn knitting some day. Am now still stuck doing my cross stitches :)

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