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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Spring Cleaning

If you haven't quite finished yours and still need to do the windows, here's a great tip. On the inside, wipe up and down. On the outside, back and forth. If you have streaks (and you know you will) you'll be able to tell which side of the window they're on. No more running back and forth!

Disclaimer - I've never actually used this technique myself. This girl doesn't do windows (note: "multi-surface" Windex") but I think I might try it this year. I can recommend this however because I have passed it on to others and they swear by it.
Source - "Hints from Heloise" , circa 1978 (holy crap!)


Have a Great time doing those windows. When you're done with yours, wanna come over and do all mine?!
Ditto :D
Oh yes...and could you shampoo my carpet too?
I just did my windows a few weeks ago. God, were they dirty. Unfortunately, since I live in an apartment on the top floor, I can't get to the outside of the bedroom windows.
I recently learned that you can wet newspaper with water and use it to clean windows, mirrors, and so on. Does the job great without having to buy Windex and stuff.
you mean spring cleaning is for real??? lol

oh by the way...you have been TAGGED!!!

you can get the meme from my blog...

have fun ;)


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