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Sunday, May 22, 2005

This is my squorn. There are many like it but this one is mine.

A squorn is a squeaky toy diguised as a horn. (I totally made up that word. Could ya' tell?) It's for my bike. The one I haven't riden yet! So, I take the bike out for a test run a few days ago. Got the helmet (thanks Suzy), got the chain back on the round thingy (thanks Chris), got the seat lowered (thanks again Chris) and off I go. Click, click, click, grrrrrrrraaaak ak, ak goes the chain. No bike shop in town. I am thoroughly disappointed. Perhaps it's an omen! Maybe a walk would be better for me anyway.


I must be a pervert or something. You don't even want to know what I thought that thing was in the photo.
Don't give up! You already got the squorn, so you have to ride the bike!
Squorn...I like that word. =)
Thanks for leaving me a comment!
looks like a breast reliever..*oops did I say that out loud?* LOL
Hi! you did leave me a compliment on my site, so I return it by browsing through yours. You write pretty well and have a lot of interesting posts... Your tree is (was) beautiful and its a pity they took it away.
Are you writing in font size 103 or is my browser being weird?

Nice writing btw.
lol does people still use horns...err i mean squorns? if so i should get me one...


I think your squorn is a fabulous idea (and a fabulous word!) and I am going out to get one immediately :).
I see your squorn has a nuclear symbol on it.I hope it doesn't squirt radioactive notes! At first I thought it was something to smoke out of!
I think ya need to earl yer chain, lube it or lose it baby....biker chick....jes get some gear lubey stuff at a bike shop and give it a squirt or 3....(no not atroglide).....tee-hee

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