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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Use it or lose it!

Hm...........sadly, this comic reminds me that my cussin' has gotten a bit out of hand lately. Sort of goes in spurts, I guess. I have a friend who sings with New York City Opera, in Italian! She has the voice of an angel and the mouth of a truck driver. I guess one personality offsets the other and creates a perfect balance for her. Gotta' find my balance. Maybe I need to look at my Feng Shui!


hey Helen.

Nah, i put you on probation coz it looked like it wasnt updated a lot. But i just noticed u update about as much as I do (on average every second day) so why am i complaining?

Keep up the good work.
A couple of weeks ago, my new office mate told me that she wanted to Feng Shui in our office. I told her that I would kinda like a few dates first.

I'm such a hick.
i cuss in spurts too....why do we do this.... ;)
oh well...I understand what your saying...unfortunately, sometimes I have a problem with it too...never in my professional world...but in my everyday life it can sometimes get to be a bit much
Hiya! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! When I clicked on your link and saw that you're the one with one of my favorite headers EVER.....I got a little excited. I'm a dork, I know. I read your blog regularly! I love the animation in your header....it always makes me smile! So, feng shui yourself and have a wonderful day!
I think you got that from me, sorry. I really need to stop, I find myself cussin' at work...not good.
You kwack me up Helen..i gotta meet you..Suzy laughing belly laughs....I'm sorry but MEN are NOT the answer.....love ya baby...mama-ko-mama-ka-mama-ma-ka-ma-sa....ask Tom about that one if ya don't remember it...lol
I love the cartoon! I always laugh when I hear people (often parents) making cuss words out of normal words so the kids won't learn the "bad" ones. ("Oh fudge" is my personal favorite: since when is "fudge" a swear word?)

Thanks for dropping by to comment on my blog! :-)
Nice cartoon!

Thanks for dropping by to comment on my blog.

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