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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

What the f_ck!

This is the tree in front of my house.
This WAS the tree in front of my house! The town apparently was disturbed by the fact that it was getting a little too big, forcing it's roots to buckle the sidewalk EVER SO SLIGHTLY!
Dear Tree cutter-upper Dudes,
I don't care how nice your ass looks. YOU SUCK! What do you think while you drive around this beautiful countryside? "I wonder if that's the one I have to murder tomorrow"? Enjoy your ride, shithead! Then go out and get a real job!


That's lame, if the trees on your property I'd be complaining.
I'm glad you snapped this pic before they butchered the poor innocent tree!
Yeah! They need to fuckin' die!

Here in Sydney, trees have more rights than people. You have to get permission and a permit to even prune back large trees.

...mind you, pruning back some egos would be a fine chance!!!
that is a very beautiful tree.. I hate people who cut down trees.. its like against nature or something.. I dont know.. I jsut dont like it!

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