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Monday, June 06, 2005

Amazing what $3.50 and a little paint can do

I've owned a lot of sneakers in my day but I've never had a pair that people actually take the time to compliment. I've had three separate occasions where total strangers have walked up to me on the street to compliment them and a dozen more in the workplace. I guess I have more fashion sense than I thought!


Hey Helen, I like Peace Signs too! I don't always get compliments though. Sometimes I catch crap from liberals, other times from Conservatives, and I have 1 Peace Sign T-Shirt that seems to piss the extremes of both sides off. (which of course, is part of the fun).

Tell me what you think, if you're of a mind to check it out...

Yo! We're a blog-battling over at blogexplosion, and I thought I'd stop by and say hi.

I love those cheapy sneakers...they are a great buy and I never feel too bad if I mess them up...great idea to paint them...I'll have to keep that in mind...
Hi Helen! Wear what you want! Who really cares about what anyone else has to say?? Impress yourself! No, Janet did not divorce you, lol, I was looking at your profile and you had a lot of "exes." Peace!!!
Nice peace sneaks sis, AND WHAT A BARGAIN!
maybe you should start a sneaker designing business...ya think? hehe
Isn't it great to get feedback like that for something that was so cheap??? Love your site!
Thanks for your comment on my blog Helen! The mystery of the disappearing chocolates is scaring! Haha !

Joel at Ecoute s'il pleut.
Well, I think they're groovy.
Hey gal! Cute shoes! Although I have not an artistic bone in my body so I would fail miserably if I tried something like that ...
Those are garooooovy! I dig 'em.
I like those shoes! *grabs em*
I like those shoes! *grabs em*
Groovy sneaks. My daughters are into sneaks that used to be only worn by theatre jocks. One in particular, spazzes at the assortment of colors, designs, etc. She worn her royal blue ones on theatre awards night with her gown! ...Okay, she was teching, which meant she had to climb up and down the ladder. No heels allowed, only shoes w/ good tread. She was proud to be onstage for awards in her fancy dress and those sneaks! LOL

My older daughter is into the peace sign stuff that was like when I was younger.... and still am.

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