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Saturday, June 18, 2005

I FOUGHT THE LAW AND THE...........oh, the hell with it!

It took 8 months to get to me and it was marked "extremely urgent". It came overnight, Fed Ex and my sister had to sign for it because it was also "certified, return receipt". It's a long story but 5 pages later I see I can either forfeit the property or file a claim against the goverment to get it. So........I'll spare you taxpayers the cost for and ongoing battle and let them have it. It's value - $10.00 and you can see where I got it by clicking the title link.
For your future reference the "property" is:
"in violation of Title 18 USC, Section 1341, 1343 and 2342 and Administrative forteiture proceddings have aleady commenced in accordance with the provisions of 18 USC 3051 (c), 19 USC SS 1602-1618 and 18 USC SS 983"

Once again, I have escaped the long arm of the law!


You must be a friend of the Devil.
such a long time for such a waste... i guess it could have been worse, no?
You win again Sista'...Are you sure you've never been to Jamaica?
Actually, I've been there 3 or 4 times but not in 2004! And I never smuggled anything out of there. (Louie did that part - coffee beans and Kahlua!)
well its good to see that our tax dollars are being used so widely...lol

give me a break ! hehe
MMMMMMMM cigarettes, I'm getting some.

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