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Sunday, June 26, 2005

I'll show you mine if you show me yours!

Yesterday me and my sugar shopped around for my tatoo. It will be my first and I didn't get it but at least know where I would or WOULDN'T go when I'm finally ready to take the plung. Should I mind that he gave me this T-shirt and let me know it used to belong to his ex? Hell, no! It was free!


haha, I like that shirt! So what kind of tat you gonna get? I have 3 .. a dream catcher vine around my ankle, and then an ankh and a tribal band around my left arm.
We'll all be expecting a photo of the tat when you get the thing. Unless, of course, it is in a very personal spot...then we will want movie clips.
Great shirt! Have fun when you take the plunge!I took the plunge twice 12 years ago....trying to get my nicer half to plunge now!
Helen you kick ever so much ass.
Spyder is your main squeeze?! How did I not catch onto this?! Love his blog. Raphael was such a cutie, sorry you don't have him anymore. :(

Tell us all about your tattoo when you finally get it, I'll gladly live vicariously through you!! :)
i've always wanted a tattoo just never had the guts to get it :P
Did you know that if you have a tat you can't get an MRI (depending on the tat location and its size and what kind of ink was used). Apparently the trace amounts of metal in the ink messes up the MRI, and it can also get hot on your skin, being very uncomfortable. So if you get a tat on your ankle, better hope you never twist your ankle. Or if you get it on your shoulder blade, better hope you never mess up your shoulder.

If that were the case...darn few people would be able to get MRI brain scans due to dental fillings.

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