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Monday, June 20, 2005

I'm top row, second from the left

I've been tagged by Trudie so here we go!

What 5 Things do you miss about your childhood?

The rules to this meme game: Remove blog #1 and bump every one up one; add your's #5 spot, linkage is cool
1. Loose Leaf
1. Lu's News
3. Searchin' For A Rainbow
4. Ain't it Amazing?
5. Just Playin'

Next: select 5 new victims
1. Poppy Cedes
2. Pryncess
3. Jaws
4. Jersey Girl
5. PiKKell WeeZel (if he does this, I know it will be hysterical)

now on with it............my 5
1. My Chatty Cathy
2. The Monkees
3. Scooter Rides from Dad
4. Potato Pancakes
5. Unemployment


I don't totally get what I'm supposed to do and feel very confisent about blaming it on the 9 Flying Dog Beers I've had.
My 5 things I miss:
1.Grabbing girls asses and NOT being arrested (although I did get kicked in the nuts by Janice Symanski while she was wearing clogs)
2.Snow forts
3.Gowing to grammas in Vt
4.Watching my neighbor sunbathe
5.Getting high and actually thinking my parents didn't smell it downstairs
That would be drunk for confident.
Gowing, I'm such a drunken ass!
Potatoe pancakes.....there not the same unless they're Nana's.....Mom tried (no comparison) xooxoxo
The Monkees! And I thought I was the only one. We just bought a Monkee CD for one of our teens. They actually like it.

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