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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Rock on, little one!

My niece just got back from the Bonaroo Festival In Tennessee.(She's my God Daughter and takes after me.) Check out this line-up including but not limited to The Allman's, Ratdog, DMB, Bela Fleck, Trey, Toots and on and on! Wish I could have been there. Gone are the days, but they sure were great. Maybe I can make it to The Gathering of the Vibes. Anyway, she bought back this beautiful "vase". I hope she gets many enjoyable years out of it.


Nice vase! Perfect for some nice flowerbuds!
I'll bet my daughter already has some beautiful buds in it. She stayed up North last night..
When I was a kid, (70's), we would go to a local record shop to have t-shirts made for birthday presents. High up on the wall, almost to the ceiling, was a shelf that ran all the way around the shop, and on the shelf were some lovely things that looked much like what you've shown here. When I asked her, my mother told me they were "bases for lamps." And now to hear that they were actually vases! Jeez, my mom really didn't know what she was talking about;)
I saw a "vase" just like that not too long ago. Now what was the name of that store...ah, yes - The PeacePipe.

Sunshine and lollipops. :o)
LOL...nice vase.
I just voted for you on Battle of The Blogs - woot!
Ooh, I do like the vase ;) Nice!
that IS a lovely vase! what kind of flowers do you think you'll put in it?
Sweet, I used to have a four foot vase, it broke in half one day when I was tripping. My vase is now with Jesus.

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