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Monday, June 13, 2005

The Scarf only a Mother could Love

AKA: "The Barf Scarf"
Please, no bidding allowed. I have already sent it off to the one person in the world who will truely appreciate it. MY MOM!
OK-I know it's not
PERFECT but I'm already working on scarf #2 thanks to a yarn donation from a co-worker. (I had ordered some on-line but wouldn't get it quickly enough so I bummed some so I wouldn't lose my magic touch!) Well, practice makes...........................another scarf!


Helen, thx for the laughs. "Barf scarf" hehe. You go girl! I'm glad your mom still welcomes your gifts!
You posted a message on my blog about memes..... so thought I'd come and say hello! Yours is the first blog to have an utterly wonderful mood piccy "Today I'm feeling awesome". Seeing that just makes one want to grin and spread the positive vibes. Nice one! :)

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