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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

You talkin' to ME?

"The ultimate truth of jigsaw puzzles: despite appearances, puzzling is not a solitary game; every move the puzzler makes, the puzzle-maker has made before; every piece the puzzler picks up, and picks up again, and studies and strokes, every combination he tries, and tries a second time, every blunder and every insight, each hope and each discouragement have all been designed, calculated, and decided by the maker." (Georges Perec)

I like to do jigsaws puzzles. It was a family activity growing up. Sometimes, they can really get the best of me and I normally talk to myself AND the pieces.

Frequently said to the little b_stards:
You've got to be kidding me!
Are you serious?
How could you not go there?

And to myself:
I am SO good at this.
What are you thinking?
I hate doing the sky.


And when you're done? "I win again!!!"
You should be riding your bike instead of doing those frustrating puzzles.
Your post brought smiles. I hate fitting in any part that is all one colour unless I've unlocked the key to moving forward. YOur post brought back memories of my younger daughter doing her first whopper whale jigsaw puzzle. Her dad, my husband, wanted to move it and I shrieked "NO!!!!!",in true puzzle lover=preserver mode. He likes puzzles but is not bothered if a few pieces fell out of place.

She was so *proud* of herself doing this one alone I knew each piece that fell would rock her world, so that puzzle stayed as a focal point in our den as she worked on it, at her own pace. It also stayed for a long time after she proudly finished it. (sorry, Im long-winded tonight)
My sister is a jigsaw puzzle freak too. Once, for a birthday present, I got her a puzzle called Big Red (or something like that)....a circular puzzle of a couple of thousand piece, featureless, red ball.

That was many years ago and to this day she still kicks me when I remind her of it.
Great article, Helen. I'm glad I rocketed in to your site!

My favorite jigsaw story happened when I was a teenager in Florida. I was at a friend's house, and saw the 2000 piece puzzle his mother was working on. As a joke, I took one of the pieces and stuck it in my wallet.

A few months later, my family and I moved back to Utah....

A few months after we moved back, I got a letter from this friend, among other things, he told me that his mom was frantically looking for the last piece to complete the puzzle... as luck would have it, the piece I and my friend had completely forgotten about, was still tucked deeply in my wallet. ;~D

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