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Sunday, July 10, 2005


Every time I see The Dave Matthews Band I leave just a little more impressed with Boyd Tinsley. This weekend was no different. He is an incredible musician. He is to Dave what Clarence is to Bruce. I am a confirmed Boyd Tinsley Fan.


Oh yeah! As my dad would say...that boy plays a mean fiddle.
He is incredible in person, no?! He is the reason I fell in love with DMB the very first time I saw/heard them.
DMB is the greatest band on earth...
makes me want to dust off my old record albums. Yes belive it or not I have DMB on album...no CD not cassett but on album
Just stopped by to introduce myself to a new sister-friend! OK... I'm NOT Boyd, but I've been told that I can DEFINITELY hold my own in the violin department! (That sounds so conceited, but I CAN!)

Come on by and check it out! See you soon.
hey Helen! WOW! You sure keep up with the music! I'm ashamed to say I was once a DJ/KJ and haven't a clue. That's a whole long story . . .
I LOVE DMB! Boyd Tinsley is the greatest.
I have 6 cd players throught out the house. Everyone one of them has "Dave". We go to the concert next month at the gorge in George. I can't tell you how great it is. We go every year for our anniversary. I will think of you. Rapunzel is the song M sings to me. 'Our song'.
Quite agreed.

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