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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Free juice and muffins!

Please give blood.
Don't wait until you or someone you know needs blood. Find a blood bank or drive and just go do it. Someone, somewhere needs it now. Seriously. And when your friends and family ask you about your sticker or bandage (or why you slept all afternoon!) let them know which organs you want to donate as well. Checking it off on you DL is not enough!


I had a great time today, thanks for sharing it with me. It was my first time donating and I didn't even take a nap, but I'm sure tired now. Nitey-Nite sista'. xoxo
Thank you so much for the friendly reminder :)
I'm afraid anyone getting my blood would get poisoned by synthetic thyroid hormone, booze, and nicotine. At least that's what I keep telling myself. And I have told everyone in my life that I want to donate all of my barely useful organs. Hopefully, they listened.

btw, we're fellow yay yays! Yippee Hippie!
Why the hell would I donate blood to someone? There are too many people as it is!
Wish I wasn't anemic...I'd be a blood-giving fool! When I was 14 a friend of my family had lost a lot of blood in childbirth....I was honored to be a blood donor for her. We both had the same rare blood type, AB-. They had me laying on a gurney beside her bed...now that's being a donor!

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