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Thursday, July 07, 2005

I know it's only Rock and Roll..........

........But I can't live without it!
Once again, the lovely and talented Jenny May at Bar Blog has been gracious enough to allow me some of her blog space to pay tribute to ...........you guessed it! JERRY! So hobble on over there and when you come back, check out her music here.
Thanks again, Jenny May!


Helen, I wanted to come say hi from the Sister-Friends. I'm honored to share a blog with you and the other ladies. And oh, yeah, I am lovin' me some dark chocolate m&m's!
good times!!!!!!!!1
Hello. Nice page
Hey Helen! My favorite ice cream is Cherry Garcia - does that count?? LOL Hope you don't mind, I put a link to your blog on my sites. ;-)
I was never a big Grateful Dead fan, but I saw them play in Highgate the first time, and it was mesmerizing. I still have the hologram ticket stub, and very fond memories. Your note to Jerry summed it up perfectly! :)

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