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Friday, July 01, 2005

If I die tonight, I die a happy woman

M&M's - dark chocolate. I am speechless.


Ooooh where did you find them? I can't find them.
I LOVE dark chocolate!!
hi helen.
if it happens can you leave me the chocs.
darkchoc fan.
oh gawd...the universe is conspiring to keep me fat
I'm not a big dark chocolate fan myself but I know a couple of people who did the unabashed happy dance when I gave them bags of these that stumbled upon in the store :-)
OMG, OMG, OMG....Those commercials are KILLING me. I adore M&M's. I HAVE to try the dark ones. I MUST. But *sigh* have yet to find them here.
(Damn you American TV)
Are they yummy? Super yummy? Better than...*gasp*...the others? (You thought I was gonna' say sex didn't ya?)


omg, they MAKE those???
I can't find them either...but then again, I haven't been scoping too diligently. Must find them.
:0 we dont get them over here!! Damnit!

I tried the dark ones and I don't taste much difference, but my husband l-o-v-e-s them, so that means I get the milk chocolate ones all to myself. :)
My friend lives in Pennsylvania and told me how totally awseome these are...we don't have them in St Louis and it makes me sad..cause I LOVE m&m's and love dark chocolate more!!

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