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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Now, THIS is gross!

We went outside for a little "field training" today and it was 98 out there. My "I gotta' quit smoking" patch began to fall off from the sweat. At first, no big deal. I'll get through the rest of the day just fine. Well, I started to get a little...........bitchy. This was the only logical solution. It worked and that's all I got to say about it!


LOL...24-hour stickiness, my ass. Those things fall off me all the time. Last I used the patch, I took to affixing it with duct tape. Worked, although people at the gym looked at me as if I was engaging in homeschooled DIY surgery or something.
Yep, duct tape works best, heck you can repair cars with it.
Hell yeah! You gotta do whatcha gotta do!
What ever works works right :)
Oh, patch memories. I did the patch, the gum, brand-switching. Eventually the only thing I could do was decide: either I'm smoking forever or I'm not smoking forever. And I quit.

It's the second hardest substance I've ever quit.
I was the last person that anyone thought would quit. Not because of the amount I smoked, but because I liked it and I have no will power.

I had never tried before. No patch. No gum. Just one day back in March (holy crap it's been 4 months!) I just stopped. Stopped buying them. If you don't have them, you won't smoke them. Weaning doesn't work, since you will always have a bad day.

Best of luck to you. Quitting is the best thing you'll ever do.

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