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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Points, Schmoints!

There are a good number of regular competitors on Battle of the Blogs over at Blog Explosion (holla!). I am one of them but mostly put my other blog up there for the challenge. Well, sometimes I vote for the underdog. Sorry but it sucks to lose all the time and I don't vote for points. Granted, there are times when I vote for the best blog (and some favorites I always vote for!) but every now and then I get in a mood and like to give the gipper and "atta boy"!


You need to DECREASE the size of the font used on your blog posts.

Mackin with Pappy
If anyone else has this problem (like Pappy above) I'm betting you are viewing on IE, not firefox. Sorry but I don't know how to resolve the problem. Any help would be appreciated!
Pappy---I'm seeing the same size font on your blog.
Your font/site looks fine in FireFox. In IE it's HUGE!!!

You image tag isn't closed. The image that you have in your header. You're missing the ">". Not sure if that's it...but try it. That was my first thought is that something wasn't closed, and that was the first thing I saw.

Btw, you should battle this blog more often :).
If Pappy is viewing your site with IE, then he's getting what he deserves. :)

I follow the same voting method you do at times - really depends on what kind of mood I'm in.
I have to use IE b/c it's my work computer, and they don't like us adding software. Site looks fine. I like a fairly small font myself, but it's like handwriting--it's pretty subjective.

And I'm with you--i often vote for underdogs. Not always, but often.
And I just realized, I voted for you over a terrific underdog. Now i feel bad. BotB gives me guilt trips.
So far I'm like 0-5 on blog battling. It's kind of demoralizing. :-P
What happened?? Your font is now Normal! Yay! Hehehehehe. Think I'll go see what the battle of the blogs is about...
*smacks herself upside the head*
Oh..I see what happened now.
Memo to self:
Read Other Comments Before Posting.
i never win. :(
I've certainly got more losses than wins but I'm a sucker for punishment and "compete" just the same.
It's some fun stuff. I just make sure not to compete with someone who has a ROCKIN blog, all pretty'd up and stuff. LOL

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