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Sunday, July 31, 2005

1nO parking0

You're kidding, right? 99.99% of you could give two hoots and the .01% who might have even the slightest interest can read this blog and easily figure that out for yourself!


Your site is listed as adult... I don't know why.
Nice blog though
Yeah....where are all the nekid people?
I'm voting for you just because you didn't list 100 things.

I'm sick of that meme seriously.

Hey Helen! How's it? (Way too much "Dog the Bounty Hunter"!!) Yes, I think that 99 things are a lot to ask of a person - and while they may be significant to ourselves, they wouldn't be of much interest to others. Well, I know that you're Janet's sister, and divorced, and have a man! See ya soon!
"She's Come Undone," Zombies???
100 things is just way too many. I blogged a "1 thing" entry once. :)

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