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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Battle Explosion "haters" need to GET A LIFE!

I'm all for a little friendly competition but the Battle of the Blogs over at Blog Explosion is becoming a forum for people to whine, leave nasty comments and just generally be vindictive. I mean this "you didn't vote for me so I'm not voting for you" mentality belongs in kindergarten. It's nice to see some new faces over there because some of the regulars are getting out of control. I actually saw someone POST that they would make someones blog experience hell if they crossed her! Now really! Grow up..........Seriously!


Wow...yeah..this botb's is getting a little nutty. I haven't seen any nasty stuff but i really wish people would vote on what someone blogs rather than the amount of wins they already have.
I don't mind losing...i get 15 hits but my thought is that not many actually read...but who knows.

I've also noticed that when someone blogs about losing they suddenly win a bunch.

I think the number of win/lose should not show...I think it'd make it a little more fair.
[by the way..nice post]
No kidding! I hardly ever participate anymore since I seem to have the rare point of view of actually voting for the blog I like the best...ignoring alliances or picking the one who has won the most to increase the chances of winning credits. Once in awhile I'll put my blog up for a battle....not to win, just to ensure that at least 15 people will look at my blog for a couple of seconds, and hope one or two might stick around and read.

It's all so petty. I just want to read other people's blogs and write on my own.
I only participated a couple of times. I stopped becasue I always lost.

Well, I didn't stop BECASUE I lost, becasue I'm not a sore looser. I stopped becasue the same people ALWAYS win.

Its not about the blog content (not that I have good content, cause I dont), its about who's the best known.
I stopped using all the blog trafficking services. Now I just post what I want and hope new people get the chance to stop by via Next Blog or via someone's blogroll. I'm happy with that. Too much obsession when trying to increase my traffic...
lol, I'm addicted to it. Its an easy way to get credits and I have actually gotten return readers from the BotB. I think it is easy for anyone to be successful at it if that is their goal. I have to admit it was my goal at one point so I set about making changesto my blog to make it more appealing. Now nine times out of ten I just post a 10 credit challenge and forget about it.
Wow...glad I am new and don't really care at all! I was kind of just considering it a fun way to boost your potential readership. Methinks things may have gone a bit far there! :) By the way, thanks for the vote!
Agree with you totally on that 'grow up' part.

SIGH, sometime people just don't get it, sad.
Amen sister!
I wrote a post about this myself in July, it's called "It's Just a Game". Check it out.
Hey gal! Don't sweat it. There are far better ways to spend credits than the blog battle.
I was also considering it - it looks fun. Not a good idea for a n00b then?
yes a few mafia are killing it for the rest.
i think it would be better
if 15 people where picked each month or week from all blogs.
and only they could vote.
you would see a big change.
Hey Helen, mean people do suck . . . makes ya wonder "what the heck??"
Yeh I was thinking the same thing, so many people will deliberatly vote against you if you don't vote for them. I go by the principle that if the design is ok and the posts i read are good then you get my vote. I vote for the better blog which means that one blog I vote for once may not get that vote the next time round. It aint personal. Wish some would see it that way.
I hear ya sista', that's not what it is supposed to be about. Kinda takes the fun out of it!!! GROW UP PEOPLE!
eh... Blog Explosion and I arent really getting along anyway... They've gotten really...corporate. Nothing against it -- it was the best (for a while) but nowadays it's hard to keep credits in AND focus on all the bells and whistles. The BOTB is flawed, and it's just not fun anymore.
How can they even tell who voted for who? I mean really...
I will admit it... I am addicted to BotB. Sometimes I do well, sometimes I don't, but I still keep playing, like a dummy.

I had never read any rants like that... sheesh.

I do think it's funny that on one post I lost 3 in a row until I made a joke about BotB on the same entry and then I won from there out.

Who knows what makes people vote like they do? It's hard to pick sometimes...
pff, just lost another one. That makes it 6won-17lost. Don't mind losing, but I think I'll give it a rest because of the reasons I read here. They make a lot of sense.

Do you think it would be better if they removed the win-loss records or would the "I-vote-for-you,you-vote-for-me-or-else" mentality stay?
I never won until I wrote about my losing streak...underdog gets support sometimes.
I have a losing streak on BOTB but am making it to nearly break even. I have had some good visitors which is why I have done it and will do it again.

If you do it, pay close attention to your stats and the IP addresses of the 15 visits. And I don't mean the generic aol IP addresses but look up the locality of the IP address. I swear blind that a number of people have multiple blogs and then pull them out to vote for themselves. That means you don't stand a chance!
I think everyone needs to start reading the content, instead of just looking at the page design. We are not all masters of HTML nor do we all have the money to pay for our own personal blog design, or even have a friend who can do it for us.
Please start reading the posts, and judge based on that.
Another comment from me on this BOTB post of yours: Saturday, August 27, 2005

Good to see that it is now anonymous as to who you vote for so I think that breaks the "vote only for friends" cycle.

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