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Monday, August 29, 2005

I'd settle for the #2 slot!

Get your position here
OK - so Poppy Cedes has position 3429, just ahead of me. I asked her if she would appoint me VP should her position come up. I haven't heard back from her. Do you think that's a "no"?


Hey Helen! Um, no offense but I don't want to be the president or fist lady. So you have my vote, k?
I dunno. Do you really want a job where the last 3430 people who had it were killed off?
Helen, funny blog, keep it up. 'Helen in 2078'
If you're running things, can I be your Director Homeland Security?

I have a few ideas...
I didn't mean not to reply. You can take my place for all I care! I don't want to be president for real!
Man, the first twenty replacement are scary. Probably provides some security for Mr. Bush, however.

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