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Monday, August 22, 2005

Stop the insanity!

This is certainly not a political blog so I won't get into that junk but come on! It's got to stop! How do you folks out there with those gas guzzlers afford it? And dare I say that most of you support the war. I'm scratching my head, really! Just don't get it but......go ahead, bring it on. I can take it!


I don't support the war, but I do drive a gas-guzzler (full-size van) and it's killing me. I have four kids and I have to drive something safe that will seat us all. My husband's giant truck on the other hand... that's pure ego.
I do support the war.. its too late to pull out now.. never shoulda went, but alas, cant have everything right? i think the gas prices are absolutely insane.. keep in mind, they were going up *but not this bad* before any talk of war..
The president and a few of his buddies lies through their teeth and commits the nation to a bloody and useless war while looting the national treasury....and most people just yawn and buy magnetic stickers.

Gas prices go up and there are near riots.

What a funny country we live in.
I won't comment on the war. It seems everything that can be said has been.

I dolove that sign, though! Very funny. Makes me doubly happy to be a pedestrian.
I'm ready to trade in my gas hog for a hybrid, or run on vegetable oil.
Enough complaints about your half-price discount gas prices!

I am having to leave my fuel guzzling Ferrari in the garage, permanently... ok, so I don't actually have a Ferrary, but I can but dream.
People have bugged me for years about the fact that I don't drive. I seem almost sane now don't I?
If I could bike to work, I would. I try to walk for local errands, etc, and I drive a tiny, old Honda hatchback. It's nuts to see "soccer moms" out and about in Hummers with no kids in the car! The prices are out of sight too - if you want premium where I live and work, it's $3.06/gal. I want a solar car...
None of you had better come to the UK then, we are paying $8 a gallon and the Kuwait, Saudi and Iraq people, all get their gas free...they don't even pay taxes as they are oil producing countries and we subsidise all this
HAHA!!! I love that sign!
I have noticed a lot of for sale signs on four wheel drives lately. It just makes me laugh.
Helen, I drive a smaller car and take a commuter bus to work. I also shop close to home and don't take a lot of trips. So I am okay, but I see a lot of people driving gas hogs and wiping their eyes. Insanity is right! Peace.
Gas in the USA is still cheap. As Scott mentioned earlier prices are more than double here in Europe.
Motorists here tend to have smaller engines which are a lot more fuel efficient.
That's cheap, here in the UK we have to take out a mortgage to fill up the tank - and we went to war to secure oil supplies!
I'm laughing at the people who just HAD to have the SUVs and vans and Hummers. Laughing my a$$ off...hey, how do you like me now???
It's not really a war.
Here's a little justification for the oil prices... The reality is that there is only so much oil left. You would think that putting a premium (no pun intended) price on it would certainly help slow the rate at which people used it up. But,do people cut back their consumption? Hell no... just bitch and complain and pass me another gallon! When will we learn?
The internet and the real world are high on emotional and ignorance and low on facts.
The war has nearly nothing to do with high prices compared with the reason behind high prices in America.

1. China and India are going through their own industrial revolution right now (Just like America did during the late 1800's early 1900's)
2. No new oil refineries have been built in over 30 years.
3. No new domestic oil exploration has happened in many many years
4. Much of America's domestic oil supply is pumped, refined and shipped in the Gulf coast area, Hurricane Katrina put all of that out of the market, possibly permanently.
5. Alaska has oil, but hippies are complaining about the "caribu". Caribu don't drive and won't help me drive my car around.
6. We didn't get much of our oil from Iraq anyway, so the whole "the war raised the price" is wrong.
7. There are high state, local and federal taxes on every gallon of gas. Georgia is the only state I know of that has stopped all state and local taxes on gas in that state because of the hurricane.
8. There are 40 to 50 different fuel blends required by State and Local enviromental agencies this further reduces the supply of gas. Many ities require a different gas as compared to the surrounding countryside.
9. Even if everyone moved to hybrids today, we would be in the exact same spot in about 6 or 7 years because the DEMAND keeps going up, while supply keeps going down. It will only get worse, no matter how much conservation happens.

More oil needs to be tapped, refined and supplied until this situation gets better.

Or you can ignore all that I said and blame this on President Bush, and live in your fantasyland, the choice is yours.

For the record I'm a conservative who drives a pretty efficient 1994 Buick Century with a small engine. If you have an old car or a big engine, I feel sorry for you, but you knew what you got into. Sell it and get something you can drive everyday, if possible.
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