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Monday, September 05, 2005

Blowin' Up

There's this website/blog called "Blowin' Up Worldwide". Pics of folks in the "Ta-Da", look at me pose. Anyway, I submitted this photo just because, well, I'm just playin'. They posted it in the "With Chicks" gallery. I actually think these guys are on to something!
(Sorry and thanks to the blogger who posted this site. I can't remember where I got it!)


Great blog.
what kind of deodarant is that? It smells good.
You should really try to be more enthusiastic.
What a fun blog! thanks for helping me out on my blog issue. I appreciate that you took the time. Rebekah
Helen, you look like you were smoking those funny looking cigarettes . . . lol
I don't how anybody can look at that photo and not smile.
Your spirit is engaging.
Thanks to all the sexy people for the props. You are all BLOWIN UP!


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