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Monday, September 12, 2005

I got me some! I got me some!

Well, actually I should say "My sister got me some! My sister got me some!" I went over to the house, saw my pyrex dish on the dining room table with the weekly coupons in it and right there on top.......THERE THEY WERE! I was so excited. Now, what to do with them...............hm. My mind is in a quandry right now. For the moment, I'll just cherish them. Thanks Janet! I love ya, man! (Hey, now that I think of it, you DID have a Doctor's appointment this week!)


Mazel Tov, Dahling... may you get all your heart's desires!

Now, for the list of 101 things to do with purple non-latex surgical gloves...

love u,

Robin (Webster
some.... chocolates...

some.... lottery scratchcards...

some.... blueberry aroma condoms...

Have fun ;-)
Congratulations! You are now a member of the purple glove club. :)
Doh! I see I have to read the previous post to see what you got! That serves me right for just reading your Blog through Blog Explosion and not my own links! Maybe I lost the use of my brain that covers the scroll button...

So you know I thought you were talking about something pharmaceutical but from the chemical side!
Oh yes, forgot to say... so now you have them what next? What are you going to do with them? ;-)

so funny

you know i went to the doctor the other day and took my digital camera just so i could blog about it...haha
Now blog about what you do with them! I'll be waiting in fascination.
Let me know if you need more.
Boo hoo! I wish I had a sister who found me purple rubber gloves!!
LMAO - Helen, that ROCKS!!!
I love it when the simplest of things can bring people such pleasure.
Good for you! :o)
Those gloves rock!
Helen, your little avatar would look even better a with neon purple peace sign...hint hint.

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