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Thursday, September 08, 2005

I really, really want a pair

I was waiting for an exam today and saw a box of these in the room. I loved the color and was so tempted but just couldn't bring myself to slipping a pair in my pocket. I couldn't help but be curious. Why were they purple? So, I asked the Doc and she said "They have no laytex." Turns out they are for people with allergies to it. I don't care. I still want them. I have no idea what I would do with them but I want them. I may have to go back and just ask for a pair.


I enjoyed reading your blog! My dentist has grape flavored ones!
oh man, i had a kick out of this.
With the typical exam given for men my age, I have enough anxiety when the doctor snaps on a pair of gloves. I don't think I want him coming toward me with a purple finger.
My mom, rest her beautiful soul, had a weakness for taking (looting?) rubber gloves from doctor offices. Mostly she hated the gloves that came with hair dye. I had fun with them. Used to carry one around with me when I was in college and pull it out, blow it up and act like I was putting milk in my coffee. Always got a chuckle from folks. I really enjoy reading you blog. Rebecca
whenever i touch-up my relaxer, i use gloves that i get from the doctor's office. the ones in the kit are so cheap!!
Corinne works in a hospital. I bet she could "find" some of those pretty purple gloves for you!
they are cool, Helen
Hey Helen, I worked for a couple of chiropractors - treat yourself to a box. They may come in handy some day. =)
It turns out that doctors and nurses who use latex gloves a lot can actually develop allergies, so it's for their safety as well as the patients'. Imagine if you had a latex allergy and something else sent you to the emergency room and they didn't know and started to work on you using latex gloves! I'm curious when they're going to come up with latex-alternative condoms!

And about hair dying gloves, part of what's so cheap about them is that they're porus - they will not keep out the bacteria and viruses that cause diseases, so make sure you don't use them to treat people's wounds or anything.
I was shocked by the vivid color the first time I used them in chem labs, but soon got used to it. I'm ready for the next generation color...

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