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Thursday, September 22, 2005

What is he, your FATHER!

I woke up this morning to nothing too unusual. The normal construction of late sounds the 7:15 alarm. Have some coffee, go pee. Uh..........no water. Call the landlord. No answer. Leave message. An hour later I get the call back. "I have my plumber there blah, blah, blah". YOUR plumber. You're like 20 years old taking messages for a 25 year old who takes messages for the landlord. YOUR plumber! Give me a break! No, just give me MY water and get over yourself!


Hey Helen, I know what you mean!! Wait, it gets better. Last time I went to the gyno there was a new doctor. He looked like Doogy Hauser and I felt like I was going to get arrested!!
Monkey boy has a girlfriend!

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