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Friday, October 14, 2005

I ask you..........

I work for a company that manufactures and distributes leaf and lawn vacuums among other power equipment. Yes, this time of year they are backordered.
People call to check the status of their machine order and they are in panic mode!
"I'm sorry sir but your order has not shipped."
I just don't get why this is such a big problem. I mean, they still make rakes, don't they? Beside, I happen to think that leaves on the ground are a beautiful part of the season. I mean, is this so hard to look at? I'm sorry but I'm just not feelin' their pain. Seriously!


The maintenance dude at my apartment complex uses a leaf blower on the leaves in our little courtyard area. Every morning at 7 am. Ev-ery friggin' morning. Just the thing I want to hear.
Yeah, what you said!!
the wind is blowing leaves today--I love the rustling sounds--but there are way to many leaves on the trees to start raking...
i guess not everyone has such a poetic taste inside them, no ?
It's actually worse than that.

The grass can use the decomposed leaves as nourishment. A lot of people rake, rake, rake and then call Chemlawn, every spring. Chemicals being so much better for your grass than natural nutrients...

I don't rake-the leaves are good for the grass. And a hell of a lot better for my kids than lawn chemicals (which I absolutely would not even consider in any case.)
Helen, My wonderful 86 year old mother has a leave phobia.....she loves her yard and garden, but doesn't want a leaf to be seen on her lawn. When I visit her in the fall, it is like she is peeking out the window every 5 minutes to see if there are too many leaves down on her lawn. She is still the best gardener I know of, even at 86, but she does not like leaves on her yard. I need to get me a leaf sweeper, I hate the rack..rake that should be..no, to me it is more rack than rake, at leaf time.
And, leaves on the ground is one of the most beautiful sights to see. Tell them to think of it as lawn decoration, or to use their lawn mower to move the leaves until the leaf blower arrives, or to plan ahead once in a while! (I think perhaps any of these suggested rebuttals might get you fired. :)
While I love the leaves on the ground, when they have to be taken care of I prefer to rake. I've always just loved raking.

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