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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Momma got some new shoes!

OK, so I'm not a Mom but I like kids enough. And really, I know they're not shoes. Technically they're boots. My Mom bought them for me for my birthday. Actually I bought them for myself for my birthday. This much is true - I GOT 'EM!


We love you and your site (s)

Keep it up and stop by and say hi sometime!
What? No purse to go with them?
Why the boot subterfuge? I buy myself stuff all the time. Who else knows my tastes better than myself?
you dont have to be a mom to apreciate a great pair of new boots. in fact being a not a mom, you probably get to wear them without spit up on them to places other than mcdonalds! Enjoy the boots.
Expecting an early winter Helen?
Those boots are badass.

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