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Monday, October 10, 2005

While I sincerely wish them happiness.......

.....there are just too many things wrong with this picture!
(click to enlarge if you dare)


Geeeeee, Helen, what a great looking pair! Tell Janet I miss her, k?
Damn, I thought I'd burnt the negatives.
Good grief. Where do you start?
At least he matched the long johns to the shirt. It is nice that she is having a last cig before popping. As for the Bud Ice, I would imagined a PBR instead....
Nice House...on wheels....and is that mustard on her breast? or a yellow tattoo?
Nice doggie.....
That has to be fake. Right?
That is way too funny. God I fear for that child.

What I want to know is how can anyone look at the picture and then believe in over turning Roe v Wade?
well cut and cropped.
My god... this is just too awesomely evil. Your work or someone else's?
Haha! That is some awesome Photoshop work there! Did you do that?
Phew I was worried I was the only one thinking it was photoshoped! That is just plain wrong.
I think I used to live next door to those people!
Way too many things wrong. Gee wiz. Got to wish them luck I guess. Peace.
Why in the hell do you have my wedding picture on your blog? How in tarnation did you get a copy?
Yeah, Photoshopped. It was originally from worth1000.com I believe.
Assuming the photo is genuine (and there's no reason for anyone who lives in this great land of ours to think it isn't), it demonstrates a) everybody has somebody out there for him or her and b) dogs just don't care

Happy motoring...

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