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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Babes in Blogland

I do a fair amount of blog surfing and lately I've seen a few new blogs about "hotties" and such who blog.
I check them daily.
I watch.
I wait.
Still, no me. I don't get it. The only conclusion I can come to is that my blog just isnt' being rotated. Either that or, well, I just can't consider the alternative.


No alternative...just not in rotation. Hey how come I'm not there either. Men are "hotties" aren't we?
This is the exact reason I don't put my picture on my blog.

I'm not ugly, but it would probably break my heart if I didn't make a hotties list! ;-)
I dont think you need anyone to tell you that your a hottie!
You're hot.
LOL, I have been thinking the same thing. :)
You are so funny. :) You're a hottie, girl!
Do what I do. Just threaten...er...promise to put up nekkid pictures of yourself. People will scramble all over your blog looking for them and return time and time again in anticipation.
Hey there Helen1 You're hot in your own right!

You Hot babe!
yes you're hot, just as your blogs are...
and in a botb- with him right now :)
You are definately one hot babe!
Perhaps not that (alternative), but definitely maybe the fact that you don't have semi-naked picture of you on your blog - with or without a tattoo(s).

I am more than happy to post your ass shot - anonymously; as I am discreet gentleman.
I suspect the last thing you want is to be lumped in that group :)

You win!!!
Yeah, who cares what an idiot thinks! Don't feel bad. You're way ahead of them.
Since you missed out on my free breast exams, I should point out that I have a new scheme, I mean contest, cooked up for this week. Winner gets a free tribute post with link.

Unfortunately, this contest is a little more high-brow than the last. Either way, it's worth a shot. And I'll make sure you get called an internet hottie if you win.
LOL :-)
Why would anyone want to use a real photo as an avatar.....good question hottie. I put the last picture taken of me, on all 6 of my blogs, because....well it's me.
Helen, whenever I am checking my comment accumulation....and happen to see your avatar.......I know a friend has visited.
I think all bloggers should be upfront and post a picture.
Not that what you look like has anything at all to do with how I read you. It is that, well, God knows us not because he sees us, it is because he formed us, from day one. So I could never judge someone by how their earthly flesh looks like.......sorry Hollywood.....I judge them by the content of their character.
It is.....a time saving thing Helen, as if when you walk down a street and see George, who always makes you laugh, you find yourself smiling even before you get into listening range.
Cuz' you know you are gonna laugh.
When I see Jay's avatar in my comments, I know I have to tell the youngun's to scoot, because it will be ugly politics, and I prepare myself for the confrontation. Prepared for battle.

But, well, you know......I almost feel like we are friends......why?
Because you are openminded, and not hiding behind the shield of the web.
If any of this makes sense, please notify my doctor.

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