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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I'd like to buy a vowel, Pat

And when I get it, I'd like to whip Blog Explosion "word verification Dude" (is that you're title?) over the head with it. I mean, it's not a WORD if it doesn't have a vowel. At least not an english word. This was my last comment verification "word" - vdkgzfr. What the hell is that? (I hope they don't suspend me for insubordination - wait! he's not the boss of me!)
CORRECTION: It's on Blogger (not BE). Thanks Pure Mood.


i hate it when I can't publish on my own site because I got an i and an l or a j mixed up... My Verification Dude has given me a vowel--sqesqry (I think the definition has something to do with squirrels on steriods).
Good news. Blogger finally came up with comment approval. No word verification...and you can pick out all the spam before publishing.
Has anyone ever gotten an actual word?

I think the closest for me was "screwzy"
yes, it's expanded my vocabulary considerably.
Must be from those eastern European nations. You know how they hate vowels. I say we bomb them until they start doing so.
I had "tiplcake" once. Quite like that one. Sounds like something to eat with cocoa (that's British for hot chocolate!).

The verification word for this comment is "tobiz". :-)
On BE or Blogger? I haven't saw any on BE just numbers with a few letters but on Blogger I can so relate... it's a pain sometimes to comment because of the Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious long word that is all crammed so close and slanted so you can't read it, Ugh.
I'm sorry to have that feature turned on, but I was definitely getting spammed heavily without it on. You're right, it should be called a gibberish verification. :)
Very funny and true. Hi Helen!
fckkher was the most memorable "word" I ever got, but I really hate the ones that are so crammed together that you can't tell the letters apart.
sometimes the font makes it so hard to make out the words... *hugs*

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