Just Playin' (but seriously, folks)

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

You know what you can scratch, BE!

Ha! Just playin' really! But seriously, I wonder how many points I'll manage to blow on this tonight! But hey, I could win up to 1000 Blog Explosion credits INSTANTLY! Wish me luck!


I tried this a few times LOSER. I think I will stay away myself.
I've tried it and it's not a winner. I'm moving on.
I won 2 credits, and all it took was about 50 tries.
M..m...m...my M...m...momma said they are the devil.
The lottery is a tax on people who are bad at math.
Has anyone even won 1000?

Where is the list of past winners so we can check for ourselves???

I can't play I only have like 3 credits anyway.

Rather spend $5 on a real scratch ticket:)
The two times I looked and tried (and didn't win) the short list of winners were from the same period of 20 minutes within the hours. I'm going to look again - it couldn't be daft enough to have a time pattern. Needless to say I was playing 'outside' that 20 minute block!
lol! you won anything yet?!
I set myself a 20 credit limit and won zilch. Sure I'd would have won a couple back at 21... but the experience reminded me of a rough time I had last at the local Casino... and I began rocking back and forth.

It was bad.
I've only seen any one member win 25.... I think I should be happy i don't live in Vegas, i would be addicted, not to mention broke.
still got credits ? :rollseyes:
I've won 100 credits on the Blog Scratch Thing. They probably do that to lure me in to spend my credits. I'll blow a trillion more trying to recreate that success.
Well I won 500 on my 3rd go!! Now...what can I spend all those credits on...
(Helen, yes I got my Secret Santa victim...er I mean recipient... do we have to wait until the 25th to give it?)


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