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Monday, December 19, 2005

But why do they seem to suck even more around Christmas?


They don't...they just stand out more.
Nice Blog, Should add this to my daily trail.
They really do, my friend. Let me tell you after years of managing in retail...*almost* all people are mean while shopping at Christmas and MEAN PEOPLE DO SUCK!!!
If I don't make it back around again in time...MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
Oh definitely and especially to the way they behave towards those they feel should wait on them hand and foot. I've been a waitress, retail person, secretary, Admin Ass't, etc way before "professional careers" and oh, boy I could not believe how mean people can be. :(

I see purple stripes here. :)
I think you'll like my new site's design.
Happy Holidays to you, Helen!
Peace & hugs
GEL aka SilvermOOn

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