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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

BitTorrent a Bit Tormenting!

I finally decided to dowload a BITTORRENT client so I could download (and playback) SHNF and FLAC audio files. OK. So I needed WINAMP to play the FLAC files and I needed a compression tool to convert all files to WAV formats. OK. Got that too. The SHNF files convert fine but the tool doesn't convert FLAC. Need a plug-in. The WINAMP plug-in for FLAC doesn't work. SO, if anyone knows of a good FLAC converter or plug-in for either WINAMP or WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER (I'd like to avoid codec packs. They never seem to work), please let me know. Without the FLAC I don't really need the WINAMP because I can play converted WAV audio on my WINDOWS. And at least there I know how to save and store the playlists. Did you get all that? Good and thanks for any help you can offer!


try this:
Here is a pretty good FLAC converter...



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