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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Frozen Car Door + Yanking on Handle Really Hard =

Many broken finger nails which in all honesty, I really don't care about. I mean, like hair, they grow back. What I DO care about is the fact that they are beginning to thaw out now and.............Cheese and Rice! I am SO looking forward to banging on my keyboard all day at work tomorrow. Ouch! If anyone has a good tip that will stop these seals from freezing (and no, they don't need to be replaced. This car is notorious for having bad seals) please let me know. I read that you can rub soap on them. I sprayed some lemon pledge on there AFTER I poured the hot water on it to get it open. (Yes, I wiped them dry first)


I don't know about the seals, since I don't live in snow country, but I do recommend that you get a box of Bandaids FABRIC fingertip and knuckle bandages. The fingertip ones woork well (i get split fingertips in the winter all the time) and should pad your fingrs enough to allow you to pound on your keyboard painfree!

For the seals, perhaps a coat of silicone?
Gosh, I'm no help. When you said seals I thought you were referring to the animals....they're so cute! My suggestion: move to California! Our car stuff doesn't usually freeze :)
Just our asses in the rain.

Back when I lived in cold climates, once it was so cold that I put my key in the door and turned and it just snapped right off.
ah...that is the reason I have a remote car starter!

On the serious side, the pledge might work. I have used cooking spray...take a paper towel and spray it, they wipe the seals with it. Car wax also works.
If you want to avoid frozen door seals, you moved in the wrong direction. Remote starters are cheap and sweet, I think Circuit City has them for about 100 bucks.

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