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Thursday, January 05, 2006

My year in

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Best attitude - Poppy at Poppy Cedes. She blogs for all the right reasons. She blogs for herself. Just blogs for fun. And I really respect her for that.

Most Loyal - Jay over at One Way or Another. He's been visiting me here for some time now and I would really miss him if he disappeared. (So don't lose TOO much weight Jay!) He is followed ever so closely by Lil Red at Lip Schtick. Always enjoyable!

Best Related - My sista' Janet over at Cog Blog. She know's I love her through all of it.

Best Naked - By far, the best I've seen naked is Tom aka Spyder at Hallucinogenius. Actually, he's the ONLY one I've seen naked. Except if you count Jay on his Half-naked Tuesday's!

Most Missed - Loy at The Cameraphone Diaries moved in August and arrived safely at new destination. Current whereabouts unknown! Followed very closly by GPV of Waterlilies. Last sighting October. Hope both of you guys are safe and sound!

Best Find - Hands down has to be Mark at Knockin' on the Golden Door. And while a handful or two of us Deadhead Bloggers have rallied together, Mark is by far the glue that seems to hold us together. Rock on Brother!

Most Artistic - For me, visually, it's Euian at Hantojin. He's so talented and so YOUNG! And poetic kudos go out to Kojo who calls himself The Imperfect Poet. The guy's just got heart.

Of course, I visit everyone else on my sidebar regularly and enjoy them all or they wouldn't be there. Thanks for hanging around, all of you!

*UPDATE: 1/9/06 - Apologies to Tom, the naked blogger. His link was broken but has been meticulously repaired! ;)


Awww, thanks! I'm going to take a snapshot of this and look at it when I'm feeling down. Helen, you're severely kind. :)
I'm speechless, Helen! Thanks!
Hey friend! Thanks for the shout out! I need a positive thinker like you in my life ... I am a glass-half-empty kinda gal, after all.

Hope you had a great new year!
I was hoping to make the 'most sexiest' category...but loyal is good too. Thanks.
I like the "most Missed" category... as in, giving respect to those who have decided to move but maybe, once upon a time, were part of our regular blog haunts.

It is fascinating reading peoples awards and what appeals. :-)

But I mean really, I've seen my blog *grin* - I don't blame ya'.


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