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Saturday, January 28, 2006

One good tag deserves another!

I tagged LilRed last week and she dun turned around and tagged me back!

Seven Things To Do Before I Die:
1 - Go back for a visit to San Francisco
2 - Learn to read music
3 - Have a will drawn
4 - Retire
5 - Cruise the Mediterranean
6 - Convert FLAC to WAV!
7 - Climb Mt. Everest (just playin'!)

Seven Things I Cannot Do:
1 - Tolerate Greed
2 - Understand War
3 - Save the homeless
4 - Have a child
5 - Speak a foreign language
6 - Touch my Toes (without bending my knees!)
7 - Feed the world

Seven Things That Attract Me To...Blogging:
1 - Keeps me from watching mindless TV
2 - It is somewhat of a creative outlet
3 - Learning HTML
4 - Meeting folks
5 - A good place to vent
6 - I like the thought of leaving a piece of myself in cyber-space
7 - Since I don't watch the news, it helps keep me a bit current

Seven Things I Say Most Often:
1 - Okey Dokey
2 - You betcha'
3 - Absolutely
4 - Hey
5 - Please
6 - Thank you
7 - You're welcome
(good upbringing!)

Seven Books That I Love:
1 - Box of Rain
2 - The Mole People
3 - The Reader
4 - Cry the Beloved Country
5 - Me Talk Pretty One Day
6 - The Poisenwood Bible
7 - Deadbase

Seven Movies That I Watch Over and Over Again:
1 - The Shawshank Redemption
2 - American History X
3 - Amelie
4 - Training Day
5 - Life is Beautiful
6 - Once Were Warriors
7 - Glory

Seven People I Want To Join In Too:
Since I just tagged some of my regulars a few days ago, I've decided to tag 7 complete strangers. And the lucky winners are: John at Dr. John's Fortress, JDV at The Sarcastic Manifesto, One4JC at My Thoughts on Life, Mr. Peeves at The Daily Ticket, Ebabe at A Modicum of Decorum, Todd at Yet Untitled, and Lanfear at Gyopo Life.


Thanks for the tag.Without it I might never have found your blog. I see you have given up mindless TV watching. Do you think there is such a thing as mindless blog reading. Since I joined blog explosion I wonder about that.
I have joined in on the fun also. Thanks for the tag..I'll be checking back in to read more!
Thanks for the tag. Great website. Been working on mine, I will have it up soon. It's quite good fun, so thanks again.
American History X

What a powerful movie!

Whew, dodged the meme bullet again!

Go back for a visit to San Francisco

NRPS - Petaluma - April 8, then SF.

You can do it!!!!
See how fun it can be to share! Thanks for playing!

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