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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Total Rocks!

I don't know what kind of cereal you eat but I'm willing to bet you have to eat a few more bowls of it to get all the vitamin's and mineral's I get in JUST ONE bowl of Total. It has long been my favorite cereal and this new flavor, Honey Clusters, is great! You should try it, seriously. And now, for the old 1-10:
Nutritional Value - 10, duh!
Taste - 9.5
Sog Factor - 7, they could work on this a little
Marketing - you decide


How do you figure the sog factor? Do you pour chocolate syrup over it like me?
I like my Wheaties!
No cereal, thanks!

I usually have bread, fruit and cheese for breakfast at about ten o'clock. Before that it's all coffee, all the time.

And by the way, you make a ravishing cereal model/spokesperson, if I say so myself!
Does that mean that the only thing you have to eat all day is one bowl of Total? I prefer to get my vitamins by eating massive amounts of junk. It has so little vitamins that it gives me an excuse to eat more. LOL

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