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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Do you REALLY know what you're eating?

Do yourself and your family a favor. Do a google search for "truth in labeling, gmo" and just take a gander at what you see. Never mind. Here it is. Now, you have to go to the bottom of PAGE 2 to see anything about labeling GMO products here in the US. While many countries have banned GMO seeds altogether, here we are just putting them on our shelves and not even thinking people have the right to know about it! Many European countries restrict GMO foods and require clear labeling.
Please go here and check out the list of foods with genetically modified ingredients. It's astounding. Let's wake up and demand truth in labeling! And I will say it again. Please say NO to GMO's!

*It should be noted that the first US reference to GMO labeling in that google search comes from Vermont who has mandated the labeling of all GMO seeds sold to our state. The first state in the nation to do so. Thank you Vermont!


I found bacon chips the other day which had "genetically modified bacon flavouring"!!!
The GMO has got to go. Wake up and smell the genetically modified coffee people. It smells bad, boycott where you can. Protest Monsantos and thanks to Helen for spreading the word.
I don't really have a problem with genetically modifying food since, technically, we've been doing that for thousands of years anyway. What concerns me is having plant species such as wheat and rice being genetically identical, thus easily wiped out on a global scale by some disease. I also think it's not a good idea for a corporation to have a patent on food.
Jay makes a good point. I'm in agreement, as you know.
I always like it when I see "cheese product" on a menu. What the hell is cheese product? Why not just use real cheese? Sheesh!
Quite right. Here in the UK we have labeling rules about GM foods and it is scary how many have them. Like many aspects of modern life we have no idea of the long term affect of these modifications on us. If we weren't so selfish and money-grabbing then there would be enough food to go round this world without some do-gooders feeling they need to geneticaly modify foodstuffs to grow anyhow.
Maybe it's me, but I'm of the "Better living through chemicals" camp, don't really have a problem with genetic modification (unless it comes to humans, that requires some serious thinking). But I agree on proper labeling and full disclosure. Let the consumer decide

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