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Friday, February 17, 2006

More Battle Drama!

Folks, get a grip on all the BE battling thing. Friends support friends, Battle of the Blogs not withstanding. And try and gather the facts before you post and accuse people. It's just not right.
While battling tonight, I found the post linked below.
And I had to respond in her blogger comment section as she leaves no other way to communicate. It is foul play, not giving a person a way to defend themselves.

Hello Dawn. I am sorry you were mislead by a disgruntled blogger because I suspect your infomation came from someone who was once in our circle of friends. People can do mean, ugly things and it looks as if that's what happened.
Many bloggers communicate and support each other and it is not uncommon for them to vote in these battles.
None of my friends considers this cheating because quite frankly it is not. Friends supporting each other is not a non-Christian thing to do and you shouldn't suggest that without knowing the facts.
Good luck in your battle.
(I would have e-mailed you but couldn't find a link to an address and you don't allow comments so gave me no chance to defend myself or my friends.)

The post appears here.

And Ms. Dawn, here's a little back atcha that a friend made for me!

UPDATE - The blogger has removed her page from blogland so the link to original post can no longer be viewed.

- Since the blogger has removed her page and therefore the post (she could have just deleted the post) I felt I should remove the parody link that I posted in response. Fair is fair.


Wow!! And my name is first on the list!! Exactly which "group" am I supposed to belong to? Helen has always been my friend, and I do vote for her, and we have battles against each other for fun also, like right now. I didn't realize that I couldn't vote for friends here...Dawn, you are one disturbed and paranoid person.
I can't believe my name finally made a damn list. Can I get a framed copy of this list to hang and show all my friends?

I'm honored. Thank you, Thank you very much.
I was just battling and saw this stuff. Just got home. Had an email from a friend that saw it.

Yeah, we're friends and we vote for each other...but why exactly are we the focal point of someone's blog? I still use judgement when voting. I'm a biased human at times. What's up with the gossip?

I don't know what group this is supposed to be. Maybe we should form one in the honor of those that include us on blogs randomly (out of gossip?)


I think b.e. needs to know about this harrassment. I'll notify them. I dont mind myself being slandered, but not people I've blogged with for months!
I guess I missed something because I don't have a clue what is being talked about here.
You're not alone, Jay!

WTF are you guys on about??? And all the links are broken.
That's sad to see anyone picking a fight with you like that....esp. when there's a million things more important in the world than fightin' over a battle of the blogs.

Tell 'em to give pizza a chance and move on dot org.
that and seeing that your blog is still standing (yea yea yea) I think you've won the battle!
I did a few battles when I joined BE but not since. I always had the wife log in and vote for me. She would have anyway had she known I had battled.

I don't think letting your friends know you've made a new post and started a battle is wrong. I think having multiple accounts so you can vote for yourself is wrong.

If you were running for public office or any other competition your friends and family would vote for you , wouldn't they?

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