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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Of course you know I believe in Love

But if you're not in to all the plush teddy bears, perfect red roses, blah, blah, blah and in the need of an e-card for your Valentine, I highly recommend this site. I'll admit I sent one to my Valentine and he seemed to enjoy it. Unusual? Twisted? Maybe we are. These cards most definitely are. And I know there is more than a handful of you out there who come around here once in a while that will truly appreciate them! Enjoy and Happy Valentine's Day!

Love, Love, Love,


Ha...Great stuff...

Hi from China...
a graphic picture, At 1st, I thought it was a male blog..Obviously, I was wrong..lol.. Hmm, I heard of Bruce, but nver really got to listen to his hits.. Any good songs?

Ha Ha - Happy VD, my friend!

Best VD card I've seen all day....bah to the $@!#@!# day...
Now that is a different twist on Valentine's Day!
Yucky. :)
That has to be one of the more creative graphics for VD.

Two thumbs up. :D
got here too late to send the card but the link was nice and I liked the pic.

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