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Monday, March 27, 2006

My Oh My! It's really true!

I had to try these "soap pads" because I hate how those others rust and boy do that STANK! But these really don't rust. And no steel wool splinters. It's a miracle!

So here's the low-down:

Rust Factor - Non-existant

Value - Don't know. Got them at the discount store.

Smell - Non-offensive

Stamina - Could use a little more soap. Soap is good.

Durability - Well, it says "Delicate" soap pads. I wouldn't plan on using them on the lasagna pan.

Look for them in the cleaning isle at a supermarket near you!


I will look for these. I hate the rust and stink too and the tiny steel wool splinters I get.
This is probably the most informative post I've read this week. Thanks!

I wish it wasn't "delicate" though. I really need a steel-wool substitute. I'll try it out though.
How domestic of you, Helen.


I just use the steel wool ones and toss them immediately. Nothing works as well. Nothing I've found anyway.
how are they as musical instruments?
You are beginning to scare me.
I have no idea who tht "me" is. Is it you Shaw??
er, no - I'm not me.

I mean, I am me, but, I'm not "me", see...


no - i am "me" and Helen is beginning to scare me
Kelli????? Is that you??????
No I am not a Kelli - and now you are really scaring me.
Well, whoever you are, you're IP address is in Kelli's hometown so I just took a stab. But hey, don't be scared. I only use this on my dirty dishes. No worries!
Peace to you, me...............

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