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Friday, April 07, 2006

I like coffee, I like France. I like....

Sorry, wrong poem. But as much as this looks like a set up, it isn't. I am just a coffee addict and this is how it happened:

- I begin to set up my evening pot so it is ready when I get up in the morning

- There is not enough in the bag I've been using

- I take out another bag

- It is ground and I want whole bean

- I find a bag of whole bean

- Grind, water, set timer

- Off to bed

This is what I woke up to in the morning. A freshly made pot waiting for me and my addiction staring me in the face. Next time I'll remember to put them back in the fridge.


Have you heard of the Thanksgiving Ritual of Coffee? Another blogger pointed me to his entry on it:

The Ritual of Coffee is a simple ritual of thanksgiving to the Gods and goes like this:

Pour a cup of the sacred liquid in the ritual morning chalice*.

Inhale the sweet fragrance, then raise the chalice to the heavens in adoration for a moment.

Bring the chalice to your lips and take a loud, ceremonial sip.

Raise it to the heavens again and shout the invocation:

"Oh, Gods!"

"I NEEDED that!!"

* There are multiple divergent sectarian differences about the nature of the sacred liquid used, including the Path of Delectable Darkness, the Way of Sweetness and Light, and a semi-heretical sect known as the Tea-osophists. Do whatever seems best to you.
I too am a coffee fiend. Though I am usually happy with the run-of-the-mill boring coffee like Folgers... just something warm in the morning.

I often rinse out the filters and get about 5 uses out of each, and it doesn't affect taste.

I drink the dregs of the day before's pot before I do anything else. First thing I do in the morning. Every morning. That fresh stuff is for wusses!

NRPS Day! Yay!

Oh my goodness Mark! Really? I've never done that but then again, I've never had anything left from the night before!
Mmmmm.... Coffee. Wow, this post really caught me at the wrong time. I am trying to give the stuff up. Agh! But morning coffee making is such a glamorous lifestyle!

Oh my, the fridge??? I grind my Starbucks French Roast beans fresh each morning, (They are keep in a airtight glass jar in a dark corner of kitchen counter) but I would never, no never, not even think about grinding cold beans for hot coffee. If you insist on storing the beans in the fridge or freezer, at least grind them before you go to sleep, and let them warm up overnight.....

Seriously young lady, Cold beans that have almost boiling water poured over them do not produce as good of a cup of coffee as a grind of room temperture beans produce. I know, it's a small matter, and good coffee beans always make good coffee, but for the perfect cup...try it the room temperature way.

Then again I may not know what I'm talkng about.

But I raise my mug up to you...

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